Working on the activation for the Out and Equal conference was an absolute pleasure! Our team crafted the full experience, from designing the walls and print materials to sourcing the perfect app for the aura readings. Our booth was all about introducing our new LGBTQ+ Playbook.
We aimed to engage attendees through an aura reading experience that went beyond just reading auras. People could also make pledges, and for each pledge, Prudential generously donated a dollar to the GENDERCOOL project. Witnessing Prudential's commitment to representing workplace equality for the LGBTQ+ community was incredibly rewarding.
Prudential's pride in their over 20-year legacy as pioneers in the Pride BRG space was evident and inspiring. Attending the event in person allowed me to witness firsthand the impact of our standout booth. It was fulfilling to see attendees engaging with our initiative and showing genuine interest in the cause.
Creative Team: Michelle Kwiatkowski, Aaron Pfannebecker, Juan Bazan.
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