This year, I had the incredible opportunity to contribute to a significant project held in early November—the Life Luxe Experience in Los Cabos, Mexico. Collaborating closely with the events team, our aim was to elevate our brand presence at this gathering, bringing together influential African Americans for an exceptional four-day event of jazz and educational seminars in a stunning venue.
Our focus was on creating an immersive experience that not only reflected our brand but also resonated with our Blueprints to Black Wealth program. This initiative aligns with Prudential's deep commitment to fostering financial inclusion. We crafted an array of compelling assets, including takeover banners, and various printed materials. Moreover, we introduced engaging activities like "Jazzpardy," alongside a captivating activation featuring paletas, fans, and a visually striking Instagrammable setup that drew significant attention. Our knowledgeable Financial Advisors were also present to impart crucial insights to our visitors.
Event Recap
Creative Team: Asia Giles, Michael Di Iorio, Joanne Austin & Juan Bazan.
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